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New Velocitron Figures Coming Up At Lulubell Toys

Velocitron has been making figures in Japanese vinyl since about 2008.  Starting out with the simple two-part Bechigon figure, Velocitron has expanded out to a total roster of around 10 figures in production and many more on the way.  While my production methods are identical those used by Japanese Kajiu makers, my aesthetic runs more in the post-apocalyptic horror/creature vein.  Almost all of the members of the Velocitron roster take their inspiration from creature and horror movies/magazines/comics from the 60's, 70's and 80's, although I have recently been digging a bit further back into early 20th century pulps for more inspiration.  All of my figures are pulled on high-quality Japanese vinyl - the clears are ultra-clear and the glows are super-bright.  

There will be a big release of new Velocitron figures coming up at Lulubell toys ( on Saturday, July 30th at around 10 AM Pacific time.  These figures will take just a bit of time to make their way over from Japan, so even though they are already produced they are offered on a "pre-sale while in transit" basis. 



The first, and most exciting release, will be the new Ghoul Lord.  Towering over his lesser minions the Ghoul Lord is a crawling mountain of rotting flesh and grave offal.  Weighing in at almost 1kg, the Ghoul Lord is made from one single piece of vinyl and is weighted at the bottom with resin.  The Lord of Decay arrives in Abyssal Black vinyl with a Sanguine rub and is joined by his underling Ghouls in a matching color scheme.  Also available is a matching Throne of Skulls - perhaps the only remaining evidence of humanities short reign on this Earth!


This Saturday will also see the first international release of two new mini-figures from Velocitron - Tulu and Bokrug!  Based on the works of an ever-popular pillar of weird literature, these mini figures are designed to look like shrunken down idols created in the darkest ages of man (or perhaps coming from somewhere far more remote and shadow-litten?).  At only about 2" tall you can now bring a little bit of eldritch horror from beyond the veil to your desk!

Finally, continuing on with the popular Velocitron x Ilanena ( there will be special clear Tulu / Bokrug mini sets available in amazing neon x pearl color schemes along with just a very few GID Larvagons painted by Ilanena himself!  Both releases are available in super-limited numbers and once they're gone, they're gone!

You can find more information on Velocitron at

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Posted 1 August, 2011 - 14:24 by Atom