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CDX toy news bulletin 8/01/2007


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Repaints and bandages

What is everyone's fascination with Rei being bandaged up like that all the time...!? I don't get it!
I like the protoform Optimus Prime repaint here; good idea. Though what I don't get is why a proto-Starscream was made when we don't see him that way in the movie! Why not make ones of Ironhide, Ratchet & Jazz???
(Movie Spoilers!: One of my favorite moments from the movie was when proto-Prime was running away from Sam and Mikaela just after he landed. That was just such an inspiring image- a giant 30'-tall [naked?] robot running away from two unarmed humans with a feeling of apprehension and fear in his movement. I also felt the same way about proto-Ironhide's close call, as he quietly slipped away behind the trees. Awesome!)
Hey-! That don't look like no Type-Zero patlabor down there! More like a poor-imitation prototype with an alternate head, shoulders, and feet! Who're they kidding!? ;)
What's up with the gold-colored DenLiner Gouka??? Must be a repaint for the movie... O.o?
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