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Riobot Tsugumori (Knights of Sidonia)


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I've been reading Knights of

I've been reading Knights of Sidonia since the announcement of this toy and I've grown to like it. It has somethings in common with Macross, but at its core it's a very different thing. More violent and more into the sci-fi side. It's worth a reading.

There's one image here that's missing, and it potentially explains why a 14.5cm figure can be so expensive (aside from coming from a relatively small company, being from a relatively obscure manga, etc):
That "Ultra-High-Speed Bullet Accelerator" (yeah, that's the name of that bazooka/rifle) is longer than a Jumbo Machinder!

I will definitely be picking this one up, I just don't know if I pre-order already or wait for some unavoidable sale.

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Posted by LuizSSB on 26 July, 2012 - 06:50