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EM Gokin Transformers Roadbuster

Artstorm is working in conjunction with the makers of Transformers to produce a most fitting repaint for their EM Gokin Mugen Calibur. Sincehe original Dorvack toy produced by Takatoku was used as the Deluxe Autobobot Roadbuster, repainting the EM Gokin is a no-brainer. This comes with everything the previous EM Gokin Mugen Calibur did such as a stand, multiple hands, a backpack with weapons, etc and is also adorned with an Autobot symbol on the figure and on the display base. The EM Gokin Roadbuster cannot transform but does contain diecast metal. This is coming December 2013 for 7,329 yen.

You can preorder EM Gokin Roadbuster at Big Bad Toy Store.








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Posted 24 July, 2013 - 07:43 by VF5SS