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Super7 Announces Exclusive Release Line Up for San Diego Comic Con 2014!


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Boba Fett

Not that it would be a SDCC item, but I wonder whatever happened to the Boba Fett Super Shogun project. Weren't they on track for that back in 2012?

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Posted by Televex on 2 July, 2014 - 11:27
boba fett jumbo

Thank you for bringing this up. The Boba jumbo along with the transformer jumbos have all just seemed to disappear without a word. I guess they've moved on to all Reaction figures all the time. It's a shame because I know a lot of us were waiting for that Boba Fett to come out. Some sort of official statement would be nice. But nothing. Not on their site or their message board. Why don't they want to take our money? Please? Take our money!

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Posted by christ on 2 July, 2014 - 19:01

Maybe now they are waiting for Star Wars VII.


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Posted by Televex on 3 July, 2014 - 08:39