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Macross Do You Remember Love VF-1S Special Movie Version by Arcadia

It appears that Arcadia is completing the changeover from Yamato Toys with a re-release of the 1/60 scale Perfect Transformation VF-1S Roy Focker type. It still includes all the usual accessories like a gun pod, missiles, pilot figure, and extra hands and even goes a step further by including a display stand. This is the same type of display stand that came with both the Macross Zero Sv-51 toys and the Macross Plus YF-21. It also comes with a set of water slide decals. Extra parts like the body side covers are also included. This is set for release in November 2013 for 16,800 yen.







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Posted 21 July, 2013 - 14:08 by VF5SS


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Ugh, I still need for find a

Ugh, I still need for find a Yamato- er, Arcadia 2.0 1/60 VF-1S Strike Valkyrie. >.<;

EVA_Unit_4A's picture
Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 21 July, 2013 - 14:15

I have 3 fockers. If they want to release something that will sell why don't they do Max and Mira?

hechatonchires's picture
Posted by hechatonchires on 21 July, 2013 - 16:42