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Max Toy Company x Strangeco - hand-painted pieces and more at SDCC

Max Toy Company is the brainchild of Mark Nagata, a local San Francisco artist, toy collector and designer. He's been releasing some of the most innovative stuff in the tradition of classic Japanese character toys. This year at comic con, Mark has created a whole series of limited releases, most of them that he hand-painted himself. Details and pictures are below.

1. TRIPASU - Cronic x Max Toy Company
Cronic is a Japanese workshop run by Naoki Koiwa, who has made a name for himself by sculpting and producing super limited run kaiju designs. Tripasu sculpted and produced in Japan by Cronic, based on Mark's design, and hand-painted by Mark. Only 15 have been painted for the show.

2. PHAROAHS (SDCC edition) - Rumble Monsters (hand-painted by Mark Nagata)
Another super limited edition figure by Japanese DIY toy company Rumble Monsters - Pharoahs is a classic toy mold, which is hand-painted by Mark and is limited to an edition of 5.

3. EYEZON - Max Toy Company (hand-painted by Mark Nagata)
Eyezon is a mutant potato monster, fully designed and produced by Max Toy Co. Mark has hand-painted 16 Eyezons in this very cool gold color version. It's a clear figure with visible guts.

4. BOOSKA - GLOW IN THE DARK - Max Toy Company, designed by Martin Ontiveros
Booska is one of the most iconic characters from the golden age of Japanese television - this version has been re-interpreted by Portland artist Martin Ontiveros for Max Toy Company. Only 40 pieces available during Comic Con.

5. BOY KARMA (Glow in the Dark and Solid Black editions) - Mark Nagata
Boy Karma is the mascot of Max Toy Company; 30 pieces each of these two special editions will be available during the show.

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JoshB, you need that gold,

JoshB, you need that gold, gutsy Eyezon!


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