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CDX toy news bulletin 7/11/2007

Posted 11 July, 2007 - 07:05 by JoshB


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Interesting mix...

Ok, the Inspire Red Baron is a MUST.


X-Plus King Joe? So soon after the SoC? Mmm...dunno about that one.


Yet another Marmit Hedorah...I guess these things just keep selling...that's why they keep making 'em.


Daigokin Jet Scrander is pretty hot...but I don't have the Daigokin Mazinger Z and don't intend to get one. Nekrodave mentioned that this may, however, lead to a Double Spazer for the Daigokin Grendizer, which I would be ALL over!


Lego--I mean, "Diablock"--Convoy is pretty hot...and unlike real modern Lego's, the lack of specialty pieces is quite refreshing.



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Posted by Sanjeev on 11 July, 2007 - 13:34
I'd be interested in seeing

I'd be interested in seeing the full sculpt of the Hedorah. I never did get the Marusan giant one so maybe this will be the one. I think 50cm would be the biggest one out there right?

And fwiw, I didn't mean to suggest the Jet Scrander WOULD lead to a Double Spazer, just that it would be awesome (for Sanjeev. I ain't dropping 50,000 yen each on these things!) if it did.

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Posted by NekroDave on 11 July, 2007 - 13:40

Well, I've done some digging...and it appears that I was wrong! least vaguely incorrect. When I said "yet another", I meant just a larger size of an existing sculpt. I was specifically thinking of this one. Or even this goopier rendition of the oily bastard (which has been repainted over and over).


But if you look very carefully, the sculpt on this new one seems unique. I'm gonna try digging some more on ClubTokyo later today to see if I can find a previous sculpt that matches this...but it appears that this new toy seems genuinely NEW. (even if it is just another Hedorah...albeit a ginormous one!)


As for the Scrander, Mark, these should eventually hit eBay (that's how I got my Grendizer Daigokin). But if you have an agent in Japan (Celga, Rinkya, Masato...), you can have them check out Marmit's Scrander page to see if they can pick one up for ya. And while we're at it, here's a direct link to the "version 3" of the Daigokin Mazinger. I have no idea if this version 3 will be necessary for the Scrander (i.e., the Scrander won't fit v1 or 2)...



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Posted by Sanjeev on 13 July, 2007 - 10:24
Got it...

Ok...I feel somewhat vindicated...or like a total nerd--I'm not sure which.


The new Marmit Hedorah *IS* an existing sculpt blown up. Get a sweet, heapin' load of this'un.


Not too shabby, eh? I like it more than the Marusan giant Hedorah (which I thought you did get at last year's post-Summit NYC trip, Nekrodave...?). And, yes, I'm pretty dang sure this'll be the biggest Hedorah EVAR...could even challenge Jumbo Godzilla! ;)



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Posted by Sanjeev on 13 July, 2007 - 16:39
Oh my goodness

OK, the vinyl red baron, gotta have.

But even more importantly, any ideas on how one could go about getting the jet scrander? Anyone have a contact they would be willing to share?


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Posted by MarkQ on 11 July, 2007 - 16:51