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Yotsuba is all set for summer fun

Yotsuba DX (Summer Vacation Set) is a fictional character from the ongoing manga series "Yotsuba&!," as well as the one-shot manga Try! Try! Try!, both by Kiyohiko Azuma. "Revoltech Yotsuba DX" is 5-6" tall, has multiple articulation points and comes equipped with accessories (such as 4 different option faces and option hands, out going hat, leisure bag and her T-shirts is made with soft material to make her shoulders and arms more flexible.

SRP: $28.00, Shipping in the US in August 2008

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Posted 24 June, 2008 - 20:58 by JoshB


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Yep, now I'm sure that

Yep, now I'm sure that Kaiyodo is preparing an attack to intercept SOC Soul Spec buyers...

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Posted by Wallas on 25 June, 2008 - 14:13