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Original anime serving as model for the TV Series UFO ROBOT GRENDIZER, GATTAIGER is having a similar scenario with an extra drama touch. The Main hero ‘Duke Fleed’ escaping his planet under attack by the Yaban force stole GATTAIGER, an experimental giant robot, and fled to Earth. However pursued by Blaki, Duke fleed had to confront the Yaban force on Earth and lose his fiance Tellona in the process. Unlike UFO ROBOT GRENDIZER, the most powerful weapon of Duke Fleed in Uchu Enban Daisensu is not the robot itself ROBOIZER but its spacer called THE FLYING TIGER to which it can dock, a flying saucer with multiple and powerful weapons. The METALTECH 05 : GATTAIGER is a die cast set including the robot and the spacer with different option to change its outlook. As in the anime Roboizer can appear as docked or undocked, in a original realistic look or as in the anime by using exchangeable parts.



In the box; 6 Inch fully articulated (21 PoA) ROBOIZER extra pair of hand Spider Spin weapon Reversible engine Removable frontal arrow Removable frontal cover cockpit cover spacer mode cockpit cover roboizer original mode cockpit cover roboizer head Material: DIE CAST, ABS, PVC Total Weight: 925gr SRP: USD 199.00 Shipping now to those who preordered.

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Posted 1 June, 2014 - 09:17 by VF5SS


4 comments posted
where to buy?

anybody know a site where they have this in stock?

furiousstylze's picture
Posted by furiousstylze on 1 June, 2014 - 12:26
DX 05 Metallic?

I'm sure you've seen it by now furiousstylze... EE, BBTS etc have them up now.

I think I shall wait for the chrome/metallic paint version I've seen.
Is this ^^ HL PRO or Fewture? Confusing!
Not sure why that sign says Metaltech 06DX??

Also- anyone know the diff between the HL PRO and the Fewture release??

Grandzinga's picture
Posted by Grandzinga on 23 November, 2014 - 20:00
Fewture is just distributing

Fewture is just distributing in regions where HL Pro does not have the direct license. It's the same toy.

JoshB's picture
Posted by JoshB on 24 November, 2014 - 07:51
Different prices too

Thanks Josh.

The Fewture lables cost more and have darker blue paints used and the metallic/chrome version too. @$235 @235

And the HL PRO: @$220 - sold out

Grandzinga's picture
Posted by Grandzinga on 29 November, 2014 - 20:46