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New Toynami Tamashii Items Up for Preorder!

New Toynami Tamashii Preorders

All due around August / September 2009

Robot Spirits

  • Robot Spirits - Akatsuki (Heavy Weapon Type)

    • Figure replicates mass production Knight Mare frame employed by the special forces division of the Black Knights- the resistance group led by Lelouch (under the guise of Zero). The heavy weapon type is issued appropriately with Grenade Launchers and Bazooka. (figure height 125mm)

      Product Details:

      • stands apprx. 5"
      • included with figure:
        - interchangeable hands
        - grenade launcher
        - bazooka
        - sword

  • Robot Spirits - Akatsuki (Wing Type)

    • Special Akatsuki model equipped with Float System for aerial combat. One of the most popular Knightmare frames in the Code Geass Series will now join the Robot Spirits line-up. Release timing matched with Heavy Weapons version. Figure height- 125mm

      Product Details:

      • stands apprx. 5"
      • included with figure:
        - interchangeable hands
        - hand gun

  • Robot Spirits - Tristan Transformable Knightmare Frame Action Figure

    • Custom. transformable Tristan Knightmare Frame used by 17yr old ace pilot Gino Weinberg (one of 12 elite pilots in the Knights of Round).

      Product Details:

      • stands approximately 5"
      • transforms from "Fortress Mode" to "Knightmare Frame Mode"
      • included with figure: clear head piece, silver head piece, Maser Vibration Sword
  • Robot Spirits Cross Bone Gundam X-2
    • Following the June launch of X-1, this upgraded version of Cross Bone Gundam inclues a full array of accessory weapons not included in first version: long rifle, beam shield, beam sabre and more. Figure stands 12cm..

      Product Details:

      • stands approx. 4.7"
      • included with figure:
        "open face" head piece
        interchangeable hands
        Zanbuster (weapon)
        Beam Zanber (weapon)
        Beam Saber (weapon)
        Shot Lancer (weapon)
        Long Rifle (weapon)
        Beam Shielf (weapon)
        ABC cloak

  • Robot Spirits Garazzo Mobile Suit

    • Garazzo (Care Hilling's MS) appears 2nd season 18th episode, and battles the celestial beings. Beam claw is recreated with clear parts, backpack can be attached and removed.

      Product Details:

      • stands approximately 6"
      • included with figure:
        Beam Claw
        Backpack (removable)
        "Twin Eye" face part

  • Robot Spirits Gundam Exia

    • At last the long awaited release of the mobile suit employed by the main character Setsuna F Seiei. This Robot Spirits sculpt captures the proportion of the mobile suit as featured in the anime, and includes a full array of weapon accessories that make the Exia the ultimate close-quarters combat MS.

      Product Details:

      • stands approx. 4.7"
      • interchangeable hands
      • pacakaged in window box
      • GN sword
      • GN Beam Saber (2)
      • GN Beam Dagger (2)
      • GN Long Blade, Short Blade
      • GN Shield
  • Robot Spirits Masurao

    • This Gundam 00 Masurao action figure was piloted by Mr. Bushido who was set on taking down the Gundam00 in mid-season 2 of the series. The black poly-carbonate body achieves high custom finish detail. This 4 3/4-inch tall figure includes display stand, interchangeable heads, beam saber (long and short), and is packaged in a window box.


  • SDX Command Gundam

    • The best of SD Gundam and Chogokin technology combined Tamashii Nation's SDX series has become popular amongst Chogokin and Gundam fans alike. Incorporates die-cast and features a full array of weaponry accessories, as well as display stand.

      Product Details:

      • stands approx. 4"
      • PVC, diecast
      • included with figure:
        - multiple weapons
        - multiple armor parts
        - display stand

  • Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Action Figure

    • 12cm figure rendered by renowed sculptor Kenji Ando. Kamen Rider Ryuki is the series on which the hit show, Kamen Rider Dragon Knight is based on! This will be the SIC Kiwami series official debut ! Licensor Approval pending.

      Product Details:

      • stands approximately 4.7" tall
      • included with figure:
        interchangeable hands with Advent Card
        - packaged in window box

  • Saint Cloth Myth Pegasus Tenma

    • This will be the first official North American release of the long awaited Saint Cloth Myth Series. This launch begins with the all new Manga and Anime series- The Lost Canvas. This first item replicates the main character, bronze armored Pegasus Tenma- figure stands 16cm tall and comes with full array of armor as well as pegasus object!

      Item Description:

      • stands apprx. 6.3" tall
      • included with figure:
        - pegasus (transforms into armor)
        - interchangeable hands

  • GX-47 Energer Z

    • EnergerZ the prototype model for MazingerZ makes its grand appearance in the all new anime series, "Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact!". In this all new Chogokin, EnergerZ's signature motorcycle pilot seat on head and slope back (cape/ramp via which the motorcycle climbs to the head) are recreated in precise detail. Entirely new tooling and design from GX-7E.

      Product Details:

      • stands apprx. 6.3"
      • included with figure:
        - back ramp
        - bike
        - display stand

  • Tamashii Spec Tekkaman Blade & Pegasus
    • Product Details:
      - Tekkaman apprx. 4"
      - Pegasus apprx. 8"
      - Included with figures: Tekk Lancer (single), Tekk Lancer (twin), Tekk Shield, interchangeable hands for weapons, clear display stand


Evangelion 1/8 Scale Mari Figure

  • 1:8 scale figure of the hot new character, Mari, in the new Evangelion movie. Sculpted by renowned Evangelion artist Kameyama Mizue. Figure includes stand.

    Product Details:

    • stands approximately 7" tall
    • PVC figure
    • included with figure:
      display stand
      - packaged in window box
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