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Shocker Toys Indie Spotlight Comic Book Heroes Series 1 Hits Retailers

Shocker Toys has released their line of 6" action figures based on characters from a vast array of independent comic books; Indie Spotlight Comic Book Heroes. Each Indie Spotlight Series will feature, and be based on, a larger than life 'mega' character. Series 1 Features Sam Keith's The Maxx.

The Series 1 line up changed a few times through production, but this certainly didn't slow sales. The initial air-mail shipment sold out within a week of its arrival in the US. Fans and critics alike have posted reviews and raved that the figures are an accomplishment for a young company and a line in its infancy. Beginning with the primary vessel shipment of Series 1, due in June, you will begin to see the products available via, TRU, other fine retailers and of course your local comic shop.

So with Series 1 shipping to customers and a second shipment on the way to fill retail shelves, what's next? Series 2 (revealed at San Diego Comic Con 2008 and available for pre-order) is in keeping with the 'mega' themed Series and will feature The Tick. It will ship Q3 of this year. Series 3 is in pre-production now and will be discussed at SDCC 2009 along with a contest announcement in the next few months for an indie comic artist to have their comic character voted into Series 3. We're hoping to conduct a fan vote to pick finalists and then use a judging panel to choose the winner. We can't spill the beans yet, but we're hoping to finalize some well known judges and possibly conduct a panel at SDCC '09 to announce our picks.

The first two series include..

[G2:468436 class=g2image_centered]


* The Maxx

* Kabuki

* ShadowHawk (& New Costume Variant)

* Katchoo

* SCUD (& SOL model variant)

All Series 1 figures are packed with Isz's from Sam Keith's The Maxx so fans who collect the entire series will build an Isz army and be able to send us their UPCs for the Series 1 mail-away figure, Mr. Gone!



[G2:468438 class=g2image_centered]

* The Tick

* Jack Staff

* Ignacia

* Dick Tracy (& Trench Coat w/Tommy Gun Variant)

* King Zombie (& King Zombie Variant)

All Series 2 figures are packed with items from The Tick's universe so fans who collect the entire series can recreate scenes. For even more fun with The Tick, the Series 2 Mail-away figure will be everyone's favorite Tick sidekick, Arthur!


Shocker Toys is proud to announce their San Diego Comic Con 2009 EXCLUSIVES:

For SDCC '09 Shocker will be presenting a pair of Dick Tracy black and white figures. These figures will be based on the Comic Book Heroes Series 2 Dick Tracy, but run in only limited edition. The B&W Dick Tracy Standard Figure will premier at SDCC '09 and be available on-site and through the store. Specifics regarding pre-ordered exclusives will be made public shortly.

The B&W Dick Tracy Variant will be available ON SITE ONLY. The Dick Tracy B&W Variant will be produced ONLY for on site sales at SDCC '09 and will not be made again. Preliminary estimates are that there will only be 250 of the B&W Variants available for purchase.
In addition to the Dick Tracy exclusives, keep your ear to the ground for another Series 2 SDCC '09 Exclusive. Series 2 fans are sure to be excited about this one.

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Posted 4 May, 2009 - 10:49 by Shogundan