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GO NAGAI x TOUMA x PHALANX three-dynamic crossover

Mazinger-Z is a Japanese manga and anime series originally created by Go Nagai, in 1972. When Phalanx, a design and creative company in Taiwan, developed a brand-new platform toy called "Mr. Power" in 2008. They then invited the Japanese toy designer, Touma -- well-known for many of his popular toy designs including the Knuckle Bear resembles the graffiti style of an human-like bear, together to create a new image for Mr. Power and Mazinger-Z , the "Power Mazinger-Z."

The design of Power Mazinger-Z keeps the essence of Mr. Power's figure shape and the essential elements of Mazinger-Z. Touma also adds in hissignature style, such as the big teeth with the beastly smile and the fire pattern. The dark version contains special red/black color. This is a limited edition only release 100 pieces and are only available in the U.S.

Suggested Retail $85

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Posted 30 May, 2012 - 13:34 by Atom