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Robot Damashii Unicorn Gundam and Banshee Norn Final Shooting Set

The Unicorn Gundam and Banshee Norn team up to deliver an iconic Gundam pose with this Final Shooting set. Both figures are given a repaint to reflect their Newtype power, but otherwise are the standard Robot Damashii figures. The Unicorn comes with a beam Magnum, two beam saber, three shields, three beam Gatling guns for its shields, and a Tamashii Stage. The Banshee Norn is loaded with its beam magnum (w/ beam Jitte), a Revolving Launcher for its gun, two beam sabers, the Armed Armor DE for its back, an alternate damaged leg, and a Tamashii Stage. This set is a Tamashii Web Exclusive. Coming October 2015 for 15,120 yen.








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Posted 21 May, 2015 - 07:31 by VF5SS