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Update on New Macross toys from Yamato at Shizuoka Hobby Show

This year's Shizuoka Hobby Show is kicking off with a Gerwalk as Yamato showed off many new products. Some were seen before, but there is also a lot of new things as well.

Source: Cybergundam

1/60 Scale Perfect Transformation VF-17D with Super Pack. This is the standard issue VF-17 from Macross 7 that comes bundled with its own style of Super Pack just like the VF-1 Valkyrie.

1/60 Scale Perfect Transformation VF-19F Emerald Force Use. This is the companion piece to Yamato's VF-19S and can round out one's own Emerald Force team. The main differences are white striping instead of yellow and a different head.

Updated! Will be released in September for 23,100 yen (that's the price with tax).

1/60 Scale Perfect Transformation VF-4G. This web exclusive item marks the first time the fan favorite VF-4 has even been given a fully functional toy. The VF-4 originally appeared in the Macross fifth anniversary music video, Flashback 2012, where it was seen briefly and only in fighter mode. The VF-4 got a new lease on life in the 1997 Playstation game, Macross Digital Mission VF-X where its full transformation was finalized so that it could be a playable Valkyrie. Yamato has stated in the past that because the fully variable design didn't debut until 1997, they have to license the VF-4 as the VF-4G variant from the video game.

Yamato is looking to produce every VF-1 Valkyrie from the original Super Dimension Fortress Macross TV show with the VF-1A Alaska Base variant. No pictures were show, but these are the colors for this elusive green and white VF-1A variant that appeared in episode 15.

Lastly, it appears Yamato is working with Garage kit maker, Morimura Entertainment Factory (M.E.F.), to produce more background mecha from Macross. No word on what medium these kits will be produced in, but they are showing off the QF-3000E Ghost drone and Lancer II space fighter seen in the first few episodes of SDF Macross. Also on the bottom right you can see them teasing a Cat's Eye reconnaissance airplane and a Destroid Spartan.

Update! Both items have been listed as being 1/60 scale! They will fit with your other Yamato Macross toys.

Details on all items are TBD at this time.

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