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NEW Saint Cloth Myth EX line starts with Gemini Saga


All new cloth series that represents a huge leap in the evolution of the Saint Cloth Myth figure series. A complete renovation of the figure that strives for superior articulation with cloth (armor) parts attached. The letters EX stand for “exclamation” and reflects the endeavor to create “amazement” and “wonder”. Its movement, form, and more... all aspects of this new line surpass the former line. 

August 2011, A new MYTH begins.

The lineup of Saint Cloth Myth EX starts from Gemini Saga!

Introducing the three “Exclamations” of the Saint Cloth Myth EX series:

Each parts feature entirely new constructs enabling for a wide range of articulation even when figure is wearing cloth (armor) parts! This incredible level of articulation when the figure is wearing cloth allows for improved portrayal of finishing-move action poses.

Point 2- “FORM”
A complete remodeling of the action figure creating a perfect, seamless fit with the cloth (armor) parts. A form looks like it walked right out of an anime scene.

Point Three- “AND MORE”
Multiple facial expression parts have been included. Gemini Saga will include a total of FIVE interchangeable face parts. These are combined with a wealth of interchangeable hand parts to allow for freedom of posing and expression.


In addition, the first release of Gemini Saga will include limited first production bonus effect parts replicating Gemini Saga’s signature move, “Galaxian Explosion!”



Saint Cloth Myth EX is due in August for 6,825 yen.

Posted 17 May, 2011 - 04:34 by Atom