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Shizuoka Hobby Show 2013 - Hasegawa

Venerable model kit manufacturer, Hasegawa, showed off numerous upcoming and just released products from their ever expanding sci-fi lines. Macross, Maschinen Krieger, and Virtual On were all present.



1/72nd Scale Macross Frontier VF-25 model kit. This is a non-transformable fighter mode kit.



1/72nd scale Macross 30th Anniversary Color VF-1J kit. This is separate from the Arcadia product with a similar look.




1/72nd scale VE-11 Thunder Seeker. Limited edition VF-11 retool. MSRP: 3,600 yen. Being released inJune 2013






Maschenin Krieger Series. Includes the upcoming Humanoid Unmanned Interceptor Großer Hund Ausf.K "Kyklop" being released 2nd quarter 2013.



1/100 Scale TF-14B/C Fei-Yen with BH/PH. Already released. 



1/100 scale YZR-8000 Myzr Eta. 5800 yen. Set for release in June 2013.



Bodacious Space Pirates Bentenmaru. Already released. 

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Posted 16 May, 2013 - 06:49 by VF5SS