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GODZILLA Sets His Eyes on North American Retailers with Help from Diamond

Diamond Comic Distributors has sent us a press release about how they are bring some of X-Plus's high end Godzilla figures stateside. 


GODZILLA Sets His Eyes on North American Retailers with Help from Diamond



(BALTIMORE, MD) — (May 16, 2013) —Toho Company, Ltd. the producer of twenty-eight GODZILLA motion pictures, and Diamond Comic Distributors, the world’s largest distributor of comics, graphic novels and pop-culture merchandise, have reached an agreement that will bring the best GODZILLA merchandise from Japan and beyond to the United States and Canada. Diamond will choose, market, and distribute the highly desired and sought after GODZILLA toys, comics, collectibles, and lifestyle products, many of which have previously been available only in Japan.


“GODZILLA has been a pop culture icon since he was unleashed on the world in 1954,” said John Parker, Diamond’s VP- New Business Development.  “Now that Diamond can provide a complete offering of awesome GODZILLA merchandise from Toho, the long lost and unavailable figures and collectibles will be easily accessible to the fans of the nuclear beast. With a new film in production and scheduled for release in May, 2014 the monster merchandise will be here just in time to make its way onto the shelves of North American retailers.”


”We are very excited to be teaming with Diamond Comic Distributors in this opportunity to share a wider and more complete line of Godzilla merchandise,” said Masaki Fujiwara, General Manager at the Los Angeles office of Toho Co., Ltd. “I hope the Godzilla fans in North America are as thrilled as we are.”


GODZILLA, 1954 Version: From X Plus USA! The greatest of cinema’s thunder lizards will batter his way into your collection with this 12” tall vinyl figure of Godzilla’s 1954 incarnation! (SRP $160) Available in Oct 2013.




MECHA-GODZILLA, 1974 Version: From X Plus USA! Godzilla’s cybernetic foe MechaGodzilla will terrorize your collection as this 12” tall vinyl figure that depicts the kaiju as he appeared in 1974! (SRP $160) Available in Oct 2013.

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Posted 16 May, 2013 - 10:59 by VF5SS