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Transformers Unite Warriors Computicon (Computron)

The Japanese version of Combiner Wars Computron features a whole team of remolded figures. Scattershot has a new chest plate and head for torso mode. Lightspeed is a remold of CW Wheeljack. Afterburner is a remold of UW Groove. Nosecone is a heavy retool of CW Rook. Strafe is a heavy retool of UW Blast Off. All come with guns that can combine to form Computicon's weapon. Release date and price are to be finalized.

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Posted 4 April, 2016 - 05:38 by VF5SS


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Takara Shows

Once again, Takara shows Hasbro how to do it., the only difference is Hasbro went with a better set of hands and feet.

Rob's picture
Posted by Rob on 4 April, 2016 - 09:00
If you are getting these you

If you are getting these you have to get the Perfect Effect hands and feet. It's something that you need to have.

TattooedRobot's picture
Posted by TattooedRobot on 4 April, 2016 - 20:01