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OTONA NO CHOGOKIN - Apollo 13 & Saturn V Launch Vehicle

OTONA NO CHOGOKIN  - Apollo 13 & Saturn V Launch Vehicle by Bandai. Due in August  2013 for $569.99.

While the Apollo 13 never made its intended lunar landing the entire crew managed to return safely to Earth in what was one of the most harrowing and heroic manned missions in space program history. This inspirational story of bravery and human ingenuity can be relived through the OTONA NO CHOGOKIN Apollo 13 & Saturn V Launch Vehicle set. Employing diecast material and rendered in exquisite detail, this historical collector’s piece features Service Module internal mechanics replicated using actual schematics to show how the module looked without the Sector-4 panel. The Saturn V launch vehicle can be disconnected to show each stage. Also included is a special display stand and accessory parts that can be used to recreate the successful Command Module splashdown and rescue scene.

This awe-inspiring set includes:

  • Apollo 13 and Saturn V rockets (S-IC 1st stage, S-II 2nd stage
  • S-IVB 3rd stage,
  • S-II Aft Interstage,
  • S-IVB Aft Interstage),
  • Spacecraft Lunar Module Adaptor,
  • Command Module,
  • two types of Service Modules (normal and damaged versions),
  • Launch Escape Subsystem and Boost Protective Cover,
  • Support Ship Antenna,
  • Lunar Module (upper and lower stage),
  • Command Module Flotation devices (x2),
  • rescue helicopter, rescue divers x2,
  • and post splashdown command module.


An extensive array of stands are also included in set to allow for both vertical and horizontal display, and includes support arms and small stands for display of Command/Service Module and rescue helicopter.

Stands approximately 30 inches tall.

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Does anyone understand why

Does anyone understand why these things cost so much? I've seen plenty enough toys of spacecraft in stores for about $20.

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Posted by evaunit01 on 6 April, 2013 - 00:17