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Help Fund David White's new MECHA ZONE art book!

David White is a good friend and CDX fan who authored the great book Mecha Zone 2, and now he is looking to re-print his long out of print first book, Mecha Zone 1, with help from donations from Kickstarter.

Here's the info in his own words:

"Hello friends everywhere! I have a real passion for designing and drawing giant robots called Mecha and I love to share my robots by printing custom art books. I need your help to bring my book, Mecha Zone 1.5, to life.

Mecha Zone? Back in 2004 I used print-on-demand technology to create a small art book called Mecha Zone. It was a 6" x 9" softcover book packed with 64 pages of original robot designs and drawings. Exciting, right? I only made about 175 copies and they have been gone for a long time. Now I want to re-master that book into something bigger and better. I have saved some money for the project but offset printing is expensive and I still need $3000 to make it happen.

About Kickstarter. One very important note about Kickstarter is that you don't get any of the pledged money unless you completely meet your goal. So $2999.00 = $0.00 :( Be sure to help me meet the goal by spreading the word about this project and encouraging people to donate. I'm sure there are a lot of robot enthusiasts out there who would love a copy of this book!

Mecha Zone 1.5: Robots Remastered! Here's my plan for the book. With your support, I will be able to upgrade the book by making it hardcover, color, and adding extra pages of new content. I'll also be completely re-doing the layout from the ground up.

8.5" x 11" 100lb gloss paper (really nice stuff!)
80 pages, color
Offset printed
print run of 500

If I receive more funding than the project goal of $3000, then I'll use the extra money to beef up the book. Here's a list of some options that I've already researched...

Embossed cover with spot gloss varnish
An extra 16 pages for even more new content
pull-out poster in the book
increase print run from 500 to 1000

The books will be printed in the USA by Taylor Specialty Books. I worked with Taylor when I printed my other art book, Mecha Zone 2 and it was a terrific experience. They provided me with a quality product and fantastic customer service.

Thanks for checking out my project. Please share this project with your friends and pass around the info on Facebook, etc... I am excited to share my robots with as many people as possible :) "

CollectionDX has donated to this project. If you love giant robots like we do, you should too!

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Posted 29 April, 2011 - 10:25 by JoshB


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Ooh, I think my Dad and I

Ooh, I think my Dad and I would get into that. (A shame BOTH of our local Borders bookshops closed up last month...)

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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 29 April, 2011 - 10:31

Thanks a lot Josh and CDX!

The final book probably won't be available in large bookstores. I'll do my best to get it stocked in specialty stores but it is difficult for a small fish like myself.

One of the incentives is that any pledge over $25 receives a signed book and limited edition print. Check out the actual kickstarter page for all the incentives...

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Posted by Mecha Zone on 29 April, 2011 - 12:23