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Max Toy Club re-opens with new Kaiju Drazoran!

This just in. It's official. After over a year of being closed, Max Toy Co is re-opening it's doors to a limited number of new club members. How limited? I'm not sure, but it's first come, first served so if you're into signing up, faster would be better. Here are the details:

Memberships cost $65 (plus shipping/CA sales tax) and do NOT expire. By becoming a member, you get first crack at new toys before they become available to the public along with the following introductory items:

  • Max Toy Club membership card
  • Max Toy Club button
  • Max Toy Club points card
  • Exclusive clear with glitter Kaiju Drazoran!

This will be the second version of Drazoran offered, after the first version sold out to club members before the general public even had a chance at it. So, you can see that being a member has it's advantages.

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Posted 28 April, 2009 - 17:40 by NekroDave