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Angolz Newsletter 4/14/2016

Featured Items This Week
A Toynami interpretation that captures the Voltron essence of power and might, the Ultimate Edition is a massive 16" tall piece that pays tribute to the handsome musculature of the lion. Each Hyper-articulated lion can be posed in multiple ways, even sitting down! Fully transformable and constructed of sturdy POM and ABS plastic to allow for high pose-ability.   This is Voltron as you've never seen before! Fully Transformable! The 5 lions will form Voltron, and each transforms separately into their own anatomically correct stance. Includes shield & sword accessories. 


Pre-order item
EX Gokin Garland, Megazone 23


Fewture's ES Gokin version of the Garland from "Megazone 23" is fully transformable between robot and bike form, and incudes a posable figure of Shogo!  Set includes, Garland , Laser orb gun, Gripped hand (left, right), Opened hand (left, right) x1 each, Right holding hand x1, Shogo Yahagi, Visor attached bangs part,Lower body part, Base stand and Maneuver craft stand



12" Hero's Meister Ultraman (Limiter Unarmed Ver.)


From «Monthly Comic Magazine HERO'S» into a figure in the standard size 12". with Sentinel's unique design and manufacture technique, the action figures full of craftsmanship will be presented. 



Orguss II Olson Special, Variable Action Hi-SPEC, Super Dimension Century Orguss

This is a remold of the previously released Variable Action Hi-Spec Orguss. It features new parts to reflect the blue colored machine used by Kei Katsuragi's BFF, Olson D. Verne. Set includes missile cannon and display stand. Transforms from Orgroid to Gerwalk to Tank mode to Flyer and back.  Item stands approx. 21 cm tall. 


Mega Man X , 1/12 Scale Collectibles Designer Series Action Figure


1/8 RAH DX G.A.Neo Audrey Burne (LTD Ver.), Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn


1/8 Excellent model Portrait Of Pirates, S.O.C Sanji, One Piece



GEM series Sasuke Uchiha, Boruto: Naruto the Movie


1/8 Excellent model Portrait Of Pirates, Sailing Again, Gladiator Rebecca, One Piece



Heroine Memories Madoka Ayukawa, Kimagure Orange Road



ES Alloy Dancouga, Dancouga – Super Beast Machine God


Dragon Ball Z 05, Son Goku & Chichi, Desktop Real McCoy


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