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Kaiju USB: GODAI Guardians Kickstarter

Capture the excitement and imagination of classic 80s and 90s monsters and magic cartoons through a cute, collectable toy USB figurine.

Welcome to the world of GODAI.

This galaxy is inhabited by creatures called Kaiju!

Planet Earth was formed from the GODAI– The 5 natural elements of the universe:

EarthWaterFireWind, and Void

These 5 elements created the world and then took the form of 4 Guardians (earth, water, fire, wind) and the Overseer (void).

The Guardians defend the planet from destruction while the Overseer maintains peace with the Kaiju from other planets. But despite the Overseer’s best efforts, Kaiju from other planets invade earth from time to time, calling on Earth’s Guardians to defend it.

Throughout a massive Kaiju battle, the Guardians of Earth call upon their elements to gather enough power to destroy their opponents. Unfortunately, this also causes many natural disasters, destruction, and chaos on the planet. And although planet Earth itself is saved, most forms of life die as a result of their intervention. This is because the Kaiju are Guardians of the planet, and not of life that inhabits it.

Due to their own personal hatred of their destructive nature and love for life on Earth, the 4 Kaiju Guardians decided to give up their powers so that lesser creatures (humans) would have a chance at life and to defend the planet on their own. When they did, the Kaiju turned mini and cute as a result. However, if there is another significant threat to the planet, the guardian’s powers are fully restored to their large, monstrous form.

In the year 2084, the mini Kaiju emerge from hiding due to an imminent threat. As part of their plan to passively prevent the destruction of Earth, they choose 4 humans to bring the world together and stop the invading Kaiju from other planets.

These characters don’t know each other. Really, they don’t know themselves either. They’re the loners, the thinkers, the daydreamers, the outcasts. Our heroes live worlds apart, but feel drawn by a mysterious force, and meet through their discovery of the mini Kaiju.

Together, our heroes find and fight the impending invasion of extraterrestrial Kaiju that hide as natural Earth elements to bring about destruction and mass mayhem.

They must work together to defeat the Kaiju by also getting the people of a specific town, city or country to cooperate and work together to fight the Kaiju as well. The minis Kaiju serves as guides, and only show their true form as a last resort.

These four individuals are tasked with defending the Earth from the greatest of disasters (invading kaiju) and making efforts to educate mankind to keep similar incidents from happening.

Join us and learn more about the world of the GODAI.

Your very own Kaiju legend is about to unfold!

Kaiju USB: GODAI Guardians are a collectable toy USB figurines. These are the kind of collectables you could use at your desk, at work, or at home, while they protect you from some of the most dangerous threats of our galaxy. Don’t be fooled by their miniature size. The GODAI Guardians have the potential to restore themselves to their large monstrous forms at any time!

Along with being guardians of earth, they’re also flash drives. Each Kaiju will come with8GB or 16GB flash drive (depending on model) so you can store anything you want on there. With a GODAI guardian around, you can rest easy from supernatural threats and trust that the flash drive hidden within them will hold all of your digital treasures.

In this story, the Kaiju from earth are simply misunderstood. They want to protect life on Earth, not destroy it. But as you learned earlier, the results of their intervention can be somewhat catastrophic. So they gave up their powers and turned mini as a result. We think this is an interesting take on the whole Kaiju genre in that we see them more as massive elemental protectors, rather than traditional invaders.

“I decided to go on Kickstarter because this is really a community product. I love these toys, the story, and the rich past they represent. But it means nothing if I can’t share it with a strong community of followers and supporters,” – Hector, Creative Director.

We're currently working  on developing prototypes of the other 3 Kaiju USB: GODAI Guardians. But if we don’t reach our goal, none of this will be possible. That’s why we need your help. With your support, we can continue to develop this world. We can design and build the most wonderful little figurines. But we need you to make the dream a reality.

The Godai Guardians serve also as charms. Each Kaiju has unique personalities and powers representative of their elements, so you can choose which character best matches your interests. They could be the traits you personally share or the virtues you aspire to have. It’s entirely up to you!

As we will discover later in the story, our guardians are uniquely tied to the human race. One unique trait is that they have human blood types. Each of their blood types also uncovers an interesting aspect of their personalities. Match them up with your own blood type to see how well it describes you!

Represents the solid, strong, rock-like phenomena of the world.

Element – Earth

Gender – Male

Human Blood Type O – Confident, self-determined, optimistic, strong-willed, and intuitive.

Highly resistant to movement or change, CHI is predominantly associated with stubbornness, perfection, stability, physicality, and gravity. It desires to have things remain as they are. In the mind, it is unwavering confidence. When under the influence of this mood, we are aware of our own limits in the form of physicality and sureness of action.

Final Form: CHI is all raw force, a sledgehammer of a creature who revels in his own explosive fury.

Represents the flowing, liquid, shapeless phenomena of the world.

Element – Water

Gender – Female

Human Blood Type AB – Cool, controlled, rational, sociable, and adaptable.

SUI directly relates to anything that is readily adaptive to its environment. This includes oceans, lakes, rivers, vegetation, and anything that grows or changes according to its surroundings and the seasonal climates. SUI is also associated with emotion, defensiveness, adaptability, flexibility, and attraction, as well as emotional tendencies towards adaption and change.

Final Form: SUI is elegant, but ferocious. She attacks with swift, crushing severity in markedly powerful blow before retreating to swell up for another assault.

Represents the fiery, powerful, unpredictable phenomena of the world.

Element – Fire

Gender – Female

Human Blood Type B –Wild, active, doer, creative, passionate, and strong.

KA can be associated with energy, motivation, passion, desire, strength, and a wild, outgoing spirit. It also represents our attitudes, metabolism, and body heat.It is anything that is alive, full of energy, dynamic, and active. In addition to the heat, lava, and the core of the Earth, KA is the only element of GODAI that directly represents the animal kingdom.

Final Form: KA is the fierce one; Smart and quick, full of violence, a true warrior.

Represents the open, free, celestial phenomena of the world.

Element – Wind

Gender – Male

Human Blood Type A – Earnest, creative, sensible, reserved, patient, and responsible.

A master of the skies, FU represents air, smoke, clouds, hurricanes, tornados, cyclones, as well as climate change. For humans, FU represents the human mind, our ability to grow and expand intellectually, along with the wisdom and knowledge of the world. FU is also present in our breathing and the calmness that is brings us. It can be associated with elusiveness, benevolence, compassion, intelligence and wisdom.

Final Form: FU is being contemplative and grand. It is a creature that’s mere presence causes the elements to shift violently, while he is the calm eye of the storm.

The Overseer 

Element – Void

KU is the supreme element. It represents the supernatural, the spiritual, and things beyond our plain of existence. In the mind, it is creative thought, emotional judgment, and spirit. In the body, it is instinct, intuition, and clairvoyance. It is the energy that binds all the other elements together.

Ominous and mysterious, the Overseer watches over the Earth, though it does not have the power to intervene with its affairs. If a Kaiju manages to slip past the void onto the planet, it gives the Guardians full authority to manage the crisis. The Overseer offers advice and alerts our heroes of new threats as they appear, but does not reveal any of its own powers. There is still much that is not understood about KU even by the Guardians themselves.


Pledge $2

We will send you an EXCLUSIVE digital download of our Kaiju USB wallpaper. Not to mention GOOD KARMA and a personal THANK YOU! We’ll also keep you up-to-date on all things Kaiju USB with exclusive updates, Kaiju USB availability and more.

Every little bit counts, and we really appreciate all your support!


Pledge $10

Get our EXCLUSIVE Kickstarter Cute Kaiju USB Sticker Sheets from our friends atStickermule + HERO package


Pledge $30

We will reward you with (1) of our LIMITED EDITION Hand Numbered Kaiju Art Posters in their FULL MONSTROUS FORM + HERO & KAIJU package. Check out the "OUR TEAM" section of the page to learn more about the artists behind these designs.

$30,000 --- All tiers will receive a download of our New GODAI Guardians Comic Book featuring all new illustrations and characters! We're doing a limited edition short visual novel of the GODAI Guardians story + Art Book

$35,000 --- Limited Edition Alternate Color Kaiju USB (8GB) will be randomly distributed to 50 of our backers

$40,000 --- Limited Edition Alternate Color Kaiju USB (16GB) will be randomly distributed to 50 of our  backers

Here’s a look of some of the key people behind Kaiju USB: GODAI Guardians:

Production : 

USB Memory Direct has been making custom shaped flash drives for over ten years. They specialize in producing promotional USB drives for marketing events, but also enjoy exploring creative ideas on how their product can be molded into something fun and collectible.

To make Kaiju USB into a reality, they needed to make sure it had a great story, extremely cool characters, outstanding art design, and genuine passion behind the project.

We really hope you enjoy our Kaiju USBs! Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns about the project, rewards, our USB services, or just want to say hello.

Hector Franco | Creative Director

Responsible for story, character design, and development, Hector is the creative lead for the Kaiju USB project at USB Memory Direct. His experience includes an excess amount of 70s, 80s, and 90s Saturday morning cartoon viewership, and an ungodly knowledge of all things Toho Studios and Daiei Pictures.

Artists : 

Matt Frank | Kaiju USB - FU (Wind)

Matt is a genuine Kaiju expert. He loves drawing monsters, fantastical creatures, and anything else that happens to be very, very cool. You might know him from his work on the very popular Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters comics and the Godzilla: Legends series. Matt has also done other work for Marvel Comics, IDW Publishing, BlueWater Productions, and Fun Publications. It’s quite an honor to have him be a part of this project.

Adam Milicevic | Kaiju USB Logo

Adam serves as the Creative Art Director for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios, where he also worked as the creative lead for Transformers: The Ride and The Mummy. Adam is also the Creative Director at Renaissance Entertainment, an industry leading international entertainment company with corporate headquarters in Celebration, Florida. We were really fortunate to have him work on the logo.

Hokunin | Kaiju USB – SUI (Water)

A man of little words, Hokunin worked with Hector for over 2 months developing SUI’s final form. Water presents a unique element that completely changes the visual representation of a monster, and Hokunin just nailed it. The chaos of the surrounding storm merged with the ocean complements the SUI and transforms her into the otherworldly, mythical creature that she really is.

Lindsey Wakefield | Kaiju USB – CHI (Earth)

An up-and-coming talent, Lindsey has a phenomenal way of bringing life and texture to her creations. We were astonished by how well she was able to capture the enormity and fear that the colossal CHI represented, while displaying its derivative creatures brilliantly as well.

Franklin Chan | Kaiju USB – KA (Fire)

Franklin is a lot of fun. Painting the good old fashioned way, he really transformed KA into something grand. There’s a great marriage between the elements on the page and the creature itself. The colors flow brilliantly in his piece and the end product simply astonished us.

Alexander Schamberger | Video

Alexander worked with us to create the best Kickstarter intro video possible . In the end, we went for something simple and story driven, and he was able to capture that vision perfectly.

Music :


Futurecop! is a British dream pop duo consisting of Manzur Iqbal and Peter Carrol. Growing up in Manchester, England, Iqbal developed a passion for re-creating the electronic synth melodies influenced by fantasy, nostalgia, 1980s cartoons, video games and movie soundtracks. They released their second full length album Hopes, Dreams & Alienation, in December 2013. This includes “Superheroes EP” used in the Kickstarter video for this project. Listen to their full album on SoundCloud.

Funding and Support :


To build this and make it accessible to the public, we need your help. Without you, none of this would be possible, so thank you for all of your support!

We have wanted to create a cool custom shaped flash drive that really means something for years. But, it’s been almost impossible to get funding through traditional methods for a USB toy like this. The great thing about Kickstarter is that we can go directly to the people who love collectibles as much as we love to produce them. We make the decisions, we build the product, and we don’t answer to anyone but you!

We’re not only making a USB toy, we are creating a whole story. That means characters, entirely new art, and a visual novel. We’ve also designed Kaiju USB to have a flexible budget and scope, so if we reach our target budget goal, we have a great list of stuff we can add into the mix through stretch goals. But if we’re even a dollar short of our goal, we lose it all.

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