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Master Grade MSN-100 Hyaku Shiki Ver. 2.0 Updated

Bandai announced a brand new Master Grade model kit of Lt. Quattro's eye catching golden Mobile Suit! The MSN-100 Hyaku Shiki is getting the 2.0 treatment with a fresh redesign that brings the popular machine up to modern gunpla standards. It still retains basic gimmicks like movable wing binders and bazooka storage while adding a larger internal frame with more articulation. Scheduled for May 2015 for 6,800 yen.

Bluefin Tamashii is releasing the Master Grade 2.0 Hyaku Shiki stateside! 

Created to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Zeta Gundam TV series and complete the Gundam Team trio of the Zeta Gundam and Gundam MK II, the Hyaku-Shiki re-appears in the MG line!  Featuring a slimmer profile with stylish new proportion, it contains under-gated parts to reduce visible cut marks and a special finish over the plastic to replicate its fantastic gold appearance!  The vestigial transformation in the legs and wings has been included to provide accuracy to its involvement in the abandoned transformable Delta Gundam project within the show. Different sensor parts in the eyes are included to replicate neutral, activation, and scanning sensor appearance.   Beam rifle, Clay Bazooka, beam sabers included as well as parts to retrofit the older Ballute Pack release to fit on the 2.0 version.  Runner x14, Sticker x1, Tetron sticker, instruction manual. Coming June 2015 for $73.99. 












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Posted 17 March, 2015 - 18:11 by VF5SS


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* This is an image.

* This is an image.

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Posted by ZA on 17 March, 2015 - 18:26
ceci n'est pas une image

ceci n'est pas une image

SpaceRunaway's picture
Posted by SpaceRunaway on 18 March, 2015 - 03:28
ZZ Gundam?

Perhaps well see a ZZ 2.0 after this? Hopefully a RG Hyaku Shiki as well!

Astronopolis's picture
Posted by Astronopolis on 18 March, 2015 - 10:51
Man, I don't know what I've

Man, I don't know what I've waited for more, 2.0 of the ZZ or the GP02.

Tetsuryu's picture
Posted by Tetsuryu on 18 March, 2015 - 21:00
Ver 2.0, RG and More

I'm willing to bet real Doughnuts that this model's only the first phase of this mold. I saw another picture that showed a double jointed, reversible knee that screams "Delta Kai." However I'm also going to say this kit has the potential to become the "Mega Shiki" from Build Fighters Try which I wouldn't mind either!

I loved the Full Armor ZZ (Sentinel version), but I've never built a regular ZZ, a Version 2.0 would be great.

Yet still, my wishlist goes unfulfilled. a Version 2.0 GP01 needs to happen before GP02, but what I really want is a Real Grade GP03 to go with the HGUC Dendrobium!

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Posted by Rob on 19 March, 2015 - 08:23