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Armarauders - Bellerophon Docking Stand 3D Mockup

Armarauders - Bellerophon Docking Stand 3D Mockup shown off! This set keeps getting better and better looking.

(A) Both Platforms swivel and are removable/customizable(Future add-ons). The smaller pins work as stoppers to keep the swivel within 90 degrees. There will be 3 "click-points" within the 90 degree swivel, 0°(Fully-closed), 45°(Center), and 90°(Fully-opened).

(B) The Platform Pillars are removable/customizable(Future add-ons). 

(C) The Platform Pillars are symmetrical so you can swap them around.

(D) Switch to raise and lower the Platforms. The height can be adjusted by 9mm(x5 clicks) and can be extended up to 45mm, reaching the Cockpit's height. 

(E) Height of the Docking Arm holding the Bellerophon can be adjusted. The Docking Arm itself has an extension gimmick too!

(F) This Platform's Panel can be extended or retracted.

(G) Connection Joint for the Bellerophon can change angles. However, this is not a Ratcheting Joint. It has to be removed and re-assemble to change angles. Ratcheting Joints might not be able to hold the weight of the Bellerophon, and not forgetting the future Bellerophon + Pegasus Drone combination.

(H) Yellow Lines will be Black-and-Yellow-striped(Caution stripes).

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Posted 13 March, 2013 - 14:42 by Atom