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NYTF2017: Playmates

The Playmates showroom at NYTF featured products from Voltron, Ben 10, and TMNT, though the Voltron stuff was probably what everyone was looking forward to. Following up their first wave of Voltron figures, Playmates will be releasing both a smaller die cast cominbing Voltron as well as larger non-combining lions with articulated figures. Sadly the die cast lion prototype was rather worn at this point and they would not show it combined, but it does seem to transform the same as the larger version. The pilots that come with the non-transforming Lions also come with different helmets than the individual releases. 

I can't say too much about the TMNT and Ben 10 stuff, as I'm not too familiar with it, but I did not even realize Ben 10 was off the air, let alone it had been rebooted. With the TMNT stuff, people were probably most excited for the release of Usagi Yojimbo, though I do really like that microplaysets are back. 

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Posted 12 March, 2017 - 22:22 by siningy