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Wonder Festival 2014 - Arcadia

Here's what Arcadia is showing off at Wonder Festival 2014!





VF-0D Shin Kudo Type from Macross Zero. Coming sometime in 2015.



Mini SDF-1 Macross. 7,500 yen. Only 11 centimeters tall! 



Human sized Howard GU-11 Gunpod Mass Release version. 12,800 yen for standard version. 158,000 for EX version. Prop guns in Japan are expensive because private firearm ownership is very restrictive there.

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Posted 9 February, 2014 - 08:28 by VF5SS


2 comments posted
The mystery is solved

Well, that explains the mysterious Valkyrie tease. I was honestly not expecting the VF-0D... Still, looks good.. shame it's half a kidney.

Rob's picture
Posted by Rob on 9 February, 2014 - 12:50
Always bet on Zero

Always bet on Zero (and the Veef).

VF5SS's picture
Posted by VF5SS on 9 February, 2014 - 13:15