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Reborn One-Hundred RX-78GP04G Gundam Gerbera Updated

The RX-78GP04G Gundam Gerbera is a fan favorite Mobile Suit that originated as back of the Zeon Gerbera Tetra in the OVA Stardust Memory. Anaheim Electronics smuggled the half finished prototype Gundam to some Zeon remnants and they rebuilt it as a monoeyed machine. This Reborn One-Hundred model kit is a 1/100 scale Gundam that has all the details of a Master Grade with but without an inner frame. Features a removable Sturm Booster unit and comes equipped with a long beam rifle (with jitte), a small rifle, a shield, and a pair of beam sabers. Coming April 2015 for 3,500 yen.

The original form of the Gerbera Tetra from the “Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory” animated mini-series.   Using new artwork for the RE/100 line, the GP04 features a highly detailed exterior equal to those of the MG line and contains a highly simplified joint structure that ensures a high range of maneuverability. Iconic giant Sturm boosters can detach from main body, and bottom booster features a foldable landing skid for balance.   Includes long beam rifle with beam jitte, beam rifle, shield, beam sabers. 


Bluefin Tamashi has given us information about the stateside release:








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Posted 6 February, 2015 - 14:49 by VF5SS