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Marmit pre-orders for May 2009

Here's what's been announced this month by Marmit. All items must be pre-ordered by February 28th and will be released in May.

First up, a new entry in the Real Sofubi Model series. Shapley Seijin hails from Ultra Seven. This vinyl kit will stand 30cm tall when completed. You can order it un-built for ¥5,250 or completed for ¥9,450.

Next up, this months regular sofubi releases. The first is the Moonlight SY3 space rocket from Destroy All Monsters. 25cm long and ¥5,250.

Now back to normal kaiju. I feel like this has been posted before, but I can't find it. Maybe it's a new repaint. Daidarahorshi from Ultraman A. 23cm tall and ¥5,250.

Probably this months best offering, imo. Bagun is also 23cm tall and ¥5,250.

Wait. I take that back. Check out this Gameron from Ultra Q. It has a little boy riding on it's back. 23cm tall and ¥7,350. If you want a little boy riding your kaiju, you gotta pay extra. I never saw the show before but I assume it makes perfect sense. Actually on second thought, it probably makes no sense at all and is all the better for it.

Now, I KNOW I posted this guy before and this is indeed a new color way. SAH Buster Vanks Dai. Clear plastics and various hands. 30cm tall and ¥10,500.

Lastly, there's also a bunch of train sets from Galaxy Express 999. It looks like 4 sets in all, which accompanying figures and a limited edition figure as well. To be totally honestly, there's too much info for me to want to bother with trying to translate. If I spoke Japanese, I'd tell you more. I will say this, if you bought all 4 sets you'd be paying out about a grand. So, if you're interested in these, just take a look at the Marmit source page below.

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Posted 5 February, 2009 - 14:27 by NekroDave