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FOE Gallery: Rise of the Robots and the Debut of Prometheus Rising Heavy Industries

Hey guys, Prometheum5 here.  Josh and Adam gave me the go-ahead to let everybody know about a gallery show I am participating in that opens soon at FOE Gallery in Northampton, MA.  The show is titled Rise of the Robots and features 2D and 3D work from a variety of artists.  At the show I will be debuting Prometheus Rising Heavy Industries, my new line of 3D printed mecha action figures, and I wanted to give CollectionDX readers the first look.  Here's the details for the show:


Opening reception: Friday, February 8, 6-9pm.  Show runs from February 8th to March 3rd.

Rise of the Robots

Face it, humans are enamored with robots.  Even if you’re not obsessed with bots-mech-AI, you have not escaped their ubiquity.  Robots are part of daily existence for many, and almost everyone knows an anthropomorphized intelligent machine.  Whether it was Voltron, Gort, skin-job or your vacuum, we’ve all spent some time with them.  The show includes well known mech and folk artists from the valley, comic book artists from New England and mech-lovin’ artists across the country and in Japan.  Get your nerd on and argue mech minutia or fall in love with a friendly hunk of metal.

Featuring work by:  Toby Barnes, David A White, Rick Beaupre, James Biggie, Ben Mininberg, Adam Mulcahy,  Michael Bracco, Robert De Castro, Ryuji Oguni, Todd Robertson, Adam Connor,  Luke Cavangnac, Marianne Plumridge, Bob Eggleton, Jotham Stavely, Boss Brown, Casey Coller, and Will Long.



Prometheus Rising Heavy Industries

Ben Mininberg (Prometheum5, is proud to announce the debut of his new line or original 3D printed mecha action figures.  Each PRHI design is modeled on the computer, produced on an UP! Mini 3D printer in ABS plastic, and fully painted by Prometheum5.  PRHI is a tribute to the Real Robot designs of 1980's mecha anime, and each figure is produced in a specific scale for play and display with existing toys from that era.  The three debut PRHI figures are as follows:


1/12 Scale PBT-002 Bounce Tortoise Power Suit:  Featuring multiple points of articulation and standing seven inches tall, the six inch scale Bounce Tortoise is the 'DX' release of the PRHI line.


1/18 Scale Allaround Power Suit:  The Allaround is in scale with classic Microman and GI Joe toys and features multiple points of articulation and weapon options.


1/24 Scale PBT-002 Bounce Tortoise:  The smaller Bounce Tortoise is the 'Kenner action figure' of the line, featuring less articulation without sacrificing detail.


PRHI makes its debut at FOE Gallery with prototypes on display and the first production figures for sale.  Plans for production runs of each design are already underway, with more loadouts and designs in the works.  Check out FOE Gallery for details on the Rise of the Robots show, and stay tuned to Prometheus Rising Studios for more coverage of the figures from the show and what is in the works!

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Posted 3 February, 2013 - 20:42 by Prometheum5


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All of the products you're launching look really great! I can't wait to hear about expanded production, and can't wait to pick up one of them.

SpaceRunaway's picture
Posted by SpaceRunaway on 3 February, 2013 - 21:08
Can't wait for more details

I get a strong Starship Troopers vibe here. Can't wait for more details when you have them.

Z Foundation's picture
Posted by Z Foundation on 4 February, 2013 - 15:51
So besides picking up a

So besides picking up a figure or two at the Foe show we have to wait for next run?

Demonseed's picture
Posted by Demonseed on 5 February, 2013 - 21:57