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Power Lords return thanks to Four Horsemen Studios

So this is technically old news but we have yet to do a proper post about it here at CollectionDX and I figured with the prototypes revealed at at Toypocalypse 3 we recently covered it was a good time to get their official info up about the line for those that may have missed it.

  • 3 3/4 tall figure line. First "ALpha" samples expected for SDCC 2013, will also be available on the site for sale.
  • They will be announcing sometime before SDCC 2013 finalized details for their Official Power Lords Fan Club (details further in this post)
  • Will be compatible with Outer Space Men and Glyos joints but how compatible will be determined after they get their samples into the factory hands.
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First the official press release.

“The Mayan year has begun. As foretold in 669 AD by the famous prophecy carved into Monument 6 in the Mayan site of Tortuguero, this date signals the return of the “Bolon Yokte Ku” — The Nine Lords of Power. It is therefore, with great reverence, that the Four Horsemen of the Toypocalypse hereby proclaim the return of the Nine Power Lords and reveal the identity of a Tenth who dwells among us and has the power to save us all.”

Four Horsemen Toy Design Studios are proud to announce the return of Power Lords: The Extra-Terrestrial Warriors action figure line!

It’s been 30 years since world-renowned sci-fi artist Wayne Douglas Barlowe originally designed the groundbreaking Power Lords toy line released by Revell. Four Horsemen Toy Design have acquired the Power Lords license and signed Wayne Barlowe as a creative consultant to help bring the Power Lords back in action figure form.

Getting to work with Barlowe on the much-anticipated return of Power Lords has been the culmination of a life-long dream for Four Horsemen co-founder Eric Treadaway. Four Horsemen Studios are currently hard at work creating the new Power Lords prototypes that will be revealed during the Power Lords-themed Toypocalypse 3 Art Exhibit occurring in New York at TT Underground in February during New York Toy Fair 2013.

To get updates about upcoming figures and events as well as a complete history and our ever-growing archival galleries for Power Lords please keep checking!

And their info on their Fan club as originally posted follows here.

Four Horsemen Toy Design Studios proudly present the return of the Official Power Lords Fan Club

Final details and sign-up to coincide with our TT Underground show in February. The Fan club is slated to include the following participation levels:

Trigore level – $20.00

  • Poster/Print (B&W or full color, TBD)
  • Sticker
  • Plastic membership card featuring name and club number
  • Subscription to the Club E-Mail Newsletter
  • Priority Purchasing (first chance to buy new products, 24 hours before general release)
  • 10% discount on any Power Lords merchandise purchased at Store Horsemen
  • Future Members only incentives (exclusive figures and promotions, TBD)


Power Ship level – $50.00

  • Everything in Tier 1
  • Power Lords/Four Horsemen T-shirt
  • Exclusive figure only available to Club Members


Volcan Rock level – $150.00

  • Everything in tiers 1 & 2
  • Top Secret
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Posted 21 February, 2013 - 20:05 by Atom