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NYTF2015: Toynami

Toynami had a bunch of Robotech and Voltron products on display celebrating the 30th anniversary of their respective franchises. Some of these are reissues and others are retools of new products such as an all plastic version of the Masterpiece Alpha Fighter. They also recently partnered with Ori Toys to produce both articulated SD versions of Macross saga mecha as well as helping distribute the popular Acid Rain toy line. The most notable reveal was the prototype for a large 18 inch tall combining Voltron that emphasized the look and playability of the individual lions to an impressive degree. Likewise the Shogun Warriors Voltron and Godzilla showed a lot of prowess and respect for the brand. Toynami is also looking to distribute the AA Gokin Getter 1, which is being handled in Japan by Arcadia.

































































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Posted 20 February, 2015 - 19:26 by VF5SS


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Official King of BEAST

I think Toynami just officially put 'King of Beast' on notice...

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Posted by Rob on 20 February, 2015 - 22:19
What ever happened to

What ever happened to Toynami's Shogun Warriors revival? That Egyptian pyramid themed robo was quite striking. It would be a shame if they never produced it.

Here, for the uninformed:

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Posted by BraveMSW on 20 February, 2015 - 22:47
George Sohn mentioned that he

George Sohn mentioned that he wants to develop it as a media property before committing to toys.

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Posted by VF5SS on 21 February, 2015 - 10:29
Thank you for the update! :)

Thank you for the update! :)

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Posted by BraveMSW on 21 February, 2015 - 18:44
bye bye KOB...

I had mulled the purchase of MT KOB. Glad I didn't after seeing this prototype Voltron. This thing looks amazing even in its current form.

The only downside I can see if this ever gets produced will be the price. Considering I've seen Shogun Godzilla is listed for $349 retail, this would will most likely approach the $400-$500 sell price....hope not.

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Posted by ibchristian74 on 21 February, 2015 - 14:01