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Super7's Valentine's Day Visighost!!!

February is approaching, and love is in the air at Super7, in the form of the VALENTINES DAY VISIGHOST!!!

Visighost is alll dressed up and on his best behavior, and wants to make your Valentine's Day something special. Whether you like the motorcycle baddies, or the nice ones you can take home to meet your parents, Visighost is ready to be the love of your life. Scary yet sweet, charming yet sinister, Visighost's ghostly clear pink vinyl body shows that he has nothing to hide.

This 9" figure designed by Brian Flynn is cast in clear pink vinyl with white and maroon spray. Visighost will be offered for sale at $65, Thursday February 14th, at 11am at the Super7 Store.

Don't be left without a date! Won't you be our Valentine?

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Posted 14 February, 2008 - 09:45 by JoshB