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Super7 Jumbo Stormtrooper news!

Big news from Super7 yesterday as the final sculpt of the Jumbo Machinder-style Stormtrooper was revealed. The toy is set to be 24" tall with a polyethylene body and soft vinyl head. One fist will shoot and there is expected to be wheels on the bottom of the feet. The fist that does not shoot will hold a classic Stormtrooper blaster. Unfortunately, that blaster will not shoot missiles as was initially discussed.

Image below shows original prototype on the left and final on the right.Thanks for the pic, Sanjeev!

A year after being formally announced at San Diego Comic Con 2008, the toy is expected to be ready for sale starting at SDCC 2009. No official price has been announced, but initial talk expected a price in the $300-350 range.

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Posted 9 January, 2009 - 13:19 by NekroDave