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DX Chogokin YF-29 Durandal Ozma Type from Macross Last Frontier Updated

As a man, Ozma Lee gets the coolest robots out of the bunch. His own customized version of the YF-29 Durandal first appeared in the Macross Frontier: The Wings of Good Bye Blu Ray pack in game, Last Frontier as an unlockable unit. It later appeared again as a hidden craft in Macross 30. Bandai is bringing this game only variation to the DX Chogokin line. Coming May 2014 for 17,000 yen. Features a unique paint scheme and an all new head.

Updated with new pictures!








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Posted 31 January, 2014 - 08:35 by VF5SS


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Here's what the new head

Here's what the new head looks like. Ozma is now a space pirate! 



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Posted by VF5SS on 22 January, 2014 - 09:20