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Figuarts ZERO Vegeta Galick Gun from Dragonball Z

Bandai is releasing a new Figuarts ZERO of Vegeta back from his days as a villain who threatened to destroy the Earth with the powerful Galick Gun attack. This fixed posed statue shows the Saiyan prince surrounded by crackling energy with battle damage all of over his armor. Vegeta is being sold as a Tamashii Webshop exclusive. Coming June 2015 for 3,780 yen.

Bluefin Tamashii has information about the stateside release: 

"Stand back! Vegeta is getting ready to shoot a powerful Galick Gun beam! FiguartsZERO brings this iconic pose to life with outstanding impact and detail. The powerful purple rays are recreated with clear material for added authentic effect. Set also includes a special display.  This is a Tamashii Web exclusive available only in select areas such as North. America through Bluefin affiliated retailers." Coming July 2015 for $33.99. 








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Posted 26 January, 2015 - 20:21 by VF5SS


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Cool piece

Plus if you hang it up at an angle and pose the Figuarts Goku in just the right way, you can reenact Vegeta's first defeat in the series. "Kaio-WHAT?"

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Posted by atom smasher on 26 January, 2015 - 22:30