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S.H.MonsterArts MOGUERA


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The effects parts look pretty

The effects parts look pretty sweet. These kind of figures should have clicky joints in the arms so they can hold up these effects on their own without the supports.

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Posted by Mazinkaizer on 26 January, 2012 - 21:22
Those supports aren't as much

Those supports aren't as much for the arms as they are for the effect parts themselves. Long PVC pieces will sag over time without proper support.

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Posted by VF5SS on 26 January, 2012 - 22:34
Are there really enough

Are there really enough MOGERA fans out there to warrant this?

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Posted by kidnicky on 26 January, 2012 - 23:46
Will have to think about this...

Since the Mecha Godzilla sucked (IMO), I may have to think long and hard before deciding to drop so much cash for this one. What are we talking about here, about $80 plus shipping??? Hmmm...


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Posted by The Mazinger Z on 30 January, 2012 - 22:24