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Kaiju Invade San Francisco - Beikokuten - at Double Punch gallery

Kaiju Invade San Francisco - Beikokuten - at Double Punch gallery

Dec 12th - Dec 30th, 2009

Pin Stripe Demo by Matt Walker at 6pm

7pm show opens

Making their very first State side appearances, direct from Japan, Yajima-san of Dream Rocket, and Ichimiya-san of SunGuts. Also appearing from Massachusetts, Matt Walker of Dead Presidents Design, and local boy, Mark Nagata of Max Toy Company!

The excitment kicks off at 6pm as Matt shows his super mad skills with a Pin Stripe demo and give away!!! Followed by the shows opening at 7pm!

Can't make it that night? Don't worry - you can catch our guests from Japan the next day (Sunday) as Yajima-san and Ichimiya-san will both return to Double Punch... time to be announced.

This promises to be a very exciting line up, with many cool customs, and art work to be had, just in time for the Holidays!

Visit the Double Punch web site to order art, toys and more from this show.

Artists web sites:

Artists Bios:

Dream Rocket

Junichi Yajima was born and raised in Japan. Like many children of his
generation,Yajima-san grew up with Godzilla, Ultraman and many other
types of Superhero and Kaiju shows. After developing a strong background
in several different careers, Yajima-san established his own toy company, called
“DREAM ROCKET”. He has been producing fabulous Kaiju figures and has
a very loyal following in Japan and around the world. Yajima-sans work has
appeared and sold in numerous Phillips De Pury auctions in New York and London.
Yajima-san said " I am having fun making Kaiju toys but I truly love Kaiju
more than making figures out of them".


Tadayoshi Ichimiya was born in Hyogo-Ken, January 1969. He entered college in
1987 and made various self-directed movies while he was attending. In 1991,
he got hired by the company that makes ads in Tokyo. While there he worked
as a director. and made many TV commercials, VPs and designed characters
for it. In 2000, he started producing his own soft vinyl figures. In 2003, he became
a freelance director and has been spending more time on the production of
figures and projects.In 2007, he made a figure for the TV show called
“KAETTEKITA-JIKOKEISATSU (TV ASAHI/MMJ)”. In 2008, he had his first
personal exhibition 'SUNGUTS MUCHA-FESTA' at Design Festa Gallery in
Tokyo, Japan.

Dead Presidents Designs

Matt Walker owner of Dead Presidetns Designs is a custom pinstriper and painter of
toys of many kinds. Kaiju, Space, Ray Gun, Robot, etc are just a small list of
what he paints. Matt has more than fifteen years experience in the automotive and
motoercycle coatings industries. This has enabled him to perfect his craft and
become one of the most sought after painters of toys. Dead Presidetns Designs
specializes in Hand Pinstriping, Metal Flake Applications, Color Change Effects and
Real Fire Treatments. His obsessive pride for quality shows through on everything
he touches. Currently, Matt is working with several toy manufactures on both
production and custom runs. His work has been featured in Hot Bike, Atomic Kulture,
Street Chopper magazines. His work has also been featuered online at Toy Karma,
Vinyl Pulse, Toybot Studios and Plastic and Plush web sites.

Max Toy Company

Ask anyone who knows Mark to describe him and the two things that will come up
are toys and art. After attending the Academy of Art College in San Francisco during
the late 80's and picking up a New York artist's rep, Mark embarked on a 10-year plus
journey as a freelance commercial illustrator. The highlight of this time included over 40
cover paintings for RL Stine's Goosebumps series, Give Yourself Goosebumps."I'd been
collecting Japanese toys all along, especially Ultraman toys, and suddenly realized it
would be cool to create a magazine about Japanese toys. This magazine was called
Super7. In 2004, Mark created his own toy company called Max Toy Company, named
after his son Max. With a nod to the Golden Age of Japanese toys, Max Toy Co. continues
the tradition of offering classic Japanese character toys as well as original creations.
Mark has created and curated the Toy Karma art toy show, Kaiju Comrades art toy show in
Tokyo, Japan and was one of seven California artists in the ground breaking “Beyond
Ultraman” Museum show and book. Both toys and artwork appear in the Killer Kaiju book
from Collins Designs, Full Vinyl book, Dot Dot Dash book, Hi Fructose Magazine, and
the Eiji Tsuburaya biography book from Chronicle books. "Max Toy Co. will allow me to
produce original artwork, sculpt new toys, and work directly with a lot of my talented
artist friends." Nagata says.
Max Toy Co is a synthesis of toys and art ... both life long passions.

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