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Evangelion Collectibles Featured in Diamond Previews

The December issue of PREVIEWS features merchandise from EVANGELION 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo, other EVANGELION films, and the complete series which has captured anime and manga audiences worldwide for 18 years. EVANGELION features the battle between humans and “angels” who are trying to take over the world, but the humans fight back using their bio-mechanical weapons called the EVANGELION. PREVIEWS offers fans of the EVANGELION series and films a variety of collectibles they can only get from their local comic book specialty shop, including EVANGELION Real Action Hero Figures, Heroine Anthology 04 Capsule figures, BE@RBRICK, and more. “Diamond Comic Distributors has long offered EVANGELION products to its North American customers”, said Diamond’s Vice President of Business Development, John Parker. “Diamond has obtained the non-exclusive rights to distribute EVANGELION products worldwide, outside of Japan and China, and plans to expand the range of products to the other 73 countries in our network over the coming months and years.”


Retailers and fans can look for more EVANGELION merchandise to be offered in the pages of PREVIEWS. Select items in the December catalog available for pre-order now are:



• Evangelion Mari Makinami Illustrious (Item Code: JUL138391, SRP: $249.99, page 462)

• Evangelion-02 Gamma (Item Code: JUL138392. SRP: $379.99, page 462)

• Evangelion Mark-09 (Item Code: AUG138351, SRP: $379.99, page 462)



• Evangelion Type-08 (Item Code: APR138169, SRP: $299.99, page 462)

• Evangelion 3.0 Eva-08 400% BE@RBRICK (Item Code: FEB138590, SRP: 70.00, page 463)








• Other novelties include comics, full volumes stories, Capsule Figures, accessories, and more from the EVANGELION series! In addition, the “Star of the Month” for the EVANGELION collection is the NEON GENESIS EVANGELION 3-in-1 Editions available now in stores. Learn the story of how and why the EVANGELION were created in NEON GENESIS EVANGELION Volumes 1-4, all featured on page 462 and only $19.99 each. Customers looking to pre-order these products should contact their local comic shop retailer, or find a comic shop near them by visiting

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Posted 23 December, 2013 - 19:42 by VF5SS