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Super Robot Chogokin UFO Robo Grendizer Spazer Set

Bandai is releasing a Spazer for their Super Robot Chogokin UFO Robo Grendizer by itself and in a set with the heroic machine. The Spazer itself is equipped with moving landing gear, replaceable wing pods to represent the Spin Drill and Spin Saucer weapons. Comes with parts to allow Grendizer to SHOOT IN. Also included is a Tamashii Stage for display. The SRC Grendizer that comes in the set is the renewal version with improved colors. Both releases are scheduled for June 2015. The standalone Spazer will cost 5,400 yen and the deluxe set with Grendizer will cost 10,800 yen.











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Posted 22 January, 2015 - 09:05 by VF5SS


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Hi guys,
I wanted to thank you for your fantastic reviews, which have a major role in guiding my collection choices and possibly make a question, with regard to the model of this review.
I chose the SRC Grendizer + Spazer package because I liked the anime colors more, but in doing so, I automatically gave up the weapon effects, specifically the Space Thunder effect, that I would really like to have for posing my Grendizer.

I know that Bandai doesn't provide missing parts, nor Bluefin or any other shop I asked to. Can you share any hint to try and get the weapon effects I desire?
For example, I was thinking that shops may have a number of flawed items to deal with and maybe spare parts can be obtained from those flawed items...
Based on your experience, do you think this may be possible? What would you do in my place, apart from giving up or buy an overpriced, brand new SRC Grendizer?

Thanks guys, keep up the great job you do for us collectors!

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Posted by gameClo on 7 July, 2016 - 11:32