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New Revoltech Gurren Lagann, Street Fighter, and Transformers

Kaiyodo announced a slew of new Revoltech Releases.

First off is the Winter Wonderfest 80 exclusive Gurren Lagann. The exclusive version will have a different colored drill accessory. The Regular edition will also be released.

Next off are two regular release Revoltech - Rodimus and Starscream. Starscream is 46 and Rodimus is 47 and both will retail for the usual 1,995 yen.

Finally, Kaiyodo introduced Street Fighter Revoltech figures. The figures tie in to an on-line Street Fighter game that is mouse-controlled.The game is called Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation and the game itself features fighting revoltech figures that you can customize with different revoltech parts. Included figures are Ryu, Chun-Li, Hico and Taran.

The game is PC based, and is due April 2008.

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Posted 22 January, 2008 - 10:27 by JoshB