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Variable Action Galvion (Circus 1) Updated

Megahouse is bringing up one of the more obscure 80's mecha heroes and turning him into a part of their Variable Action line! The Galvion (aka the Circus 1 when in car mode) from 1984's Chō Kōsoku Galvion is one of those rarely seen mecha shows partially due to the fact it had never been released on home video. This is set to change with the show being released on Blu Ray and DVD this year. Naturally to coincide with this momentous occasion, Megahouse is producing a high-end figure of the titular mecha. Update: We Now have finalized pictures of this toy. It can transforming into the Circus 1 care and also Road Attacker mode, which was previously only seen on the old Imai model kits. It's coming March 2014 for 14,800 yen. 


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Posted 7 November, 2013 - 08:10 by VF5SS


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I've been dreaming about a Galvion toy for quite a while. The T-REX kit looks like it was pretty much perfect; I was nervous at first about Megahouse doing a fully transformable figure (only inasmuch that that's not really in their wheelhouse), but at a glance this looks pretty much like the T-REX release, so that's a plus. Maybe Megahouse can make T-REX's Gorg as well...

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Posted by SpaceRunaway on 27 May, 2013 - 14:45
Oh Hells Yeah!

I'm a HUGE Galvion fan, so IMHO this TOY OF THE YEAR! MAYBE EVEN TOY OF THE DECADE! I don't really care if this toy ends up being a crappy as the Bandai 1:100 VF-25 toys from Macross Frontier. I've waited about three decades for this, I'm just thrilled that somebody is doing a new, relatively easy to acquire, toy of this.

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Posted by BraveMSW on 27 May, 2013 - 16:57

Here's the T-Rex limited edition toy for comparison. 

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Posted by VF5SS on 30 May, 2013 - 15:30
Car mode and now Road

Car mode and now Road Attacker mode too! I can't wait!

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Posted by BraveMSW on 8 November, 2013 - 04:59
80's robot vintage I want this!!

This looks Great!!
I am all IN as long as this thing is not a midget
Needs to look Awesome on my shelf
Greatly appreciated if anybody gets some lengh x width and height dimensions!!
and post them

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Posted by ThePlasticRobot on 12 November, 2013 - 19:56
Just got mine. The Galvion

Just got mine. The Galvion fanboy in me is screaming "Toy of the DECADE!", but I'll try to be more objective.

First off I pre-ordered three of these toys and only one of them so far...So this a review of one figure in both robot and car modes (I don't plan on transforming it to road attacker mode)

Robot mode is a hair over 7 inches tall, car mode is about 7 inches long. It ain't big, but it ain't tiny either.

Everything is painted plastic in the outside. It's got some weight to it, but all the metal is used for the transformation joints.

Yes, it can do the "perfect transform" thing flawlessly if you equip the special "transformation fists" (that are about half the size of the normal ones). Otherwise the transformation follows designer Koichi Ohata's scheme almost to a 'T'.

All in all, it reminds me of those Bandai G.F.F. Metal Composite toys. There are no clicky joints but everything on the car mode pegs together well. No trouble standing in robot mode either. Pretty solid toy. Even the tires are rubber.

Only QC issues are to due to the fact everything is painted. Smudge on the side of the head and no paint on the robot nose.

In my option It's much better than that hi-spec Galatt toy.

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Posted by BraveMSW on 21 May, 2014 - 19:12