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Revoltech Expo Pics

Holy crap there is a lot of Revoltech news. So the Revoltech starts tomorrow, and of course the web is abuzz with info. The following pictures are lifted from

Idol Master Revoltech Fraulein

Idol Masters are actually female mecha pilots - looks VERY cool.

Pocco, the girl on the cover of Yamashita Shunya’s Sweet Dreams artbook - Fraulein #4

Doko Demo Issyo figures (2 new ones)

Fullmetal Panic!

Gurren Lagann! (Can't wait for this one!)



Revoltech Fist of the North Star series (Hokuto No Ken)

Assemble Borg Series

Griffon Aqua type

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Posted 30 November, 2007 - 10:41 by JoshB


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tagging on for these

tagging on for these revoltechs:
- ARX-8 Laevataein from Full Metal Panic!
- Gurenn Lagann

and this cool series:
- Assemble Borgs


life needs to be bittersweet;
you work the sweet side, and i'll manage to embitter it.

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