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Femto 2015 Limited Edition II*Purple Version (Set of Ubik and Conrad) from Berserk

Official press release from Art of War:


ART OF WAR latest Berserk Figure "Femto 2015 Limited Editions" released on November 13th. This statue is originated from a scene from Berserk Comics Vol.13 “The wings of darkness of femto”. In the scene, Femto obtains the strong power and he looks at his own hand peacefully. There is charm in his expression and the modeling of the item is done showing the flow of his wings. This time, we present the series of this masterpiece in two versions (black & purple) with better quality. In the black version, there is addition of dark brown color in the black gradation in the wings part. Also, the femto’s expression and the modeling of the item is showing the flow of the wings. The finishing is done in a sharper dark color which brings the sharp impression of Femto. ART OF WAR has confidence that our artisans have the top-level skills on color performing.

Femto 2015 Limited Edition I*Black Set Version (ubik & Conrad) ...............Approx. $448 (550,000 yen)









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Posted 13 November, 2015 - 11:55 by VF5SS