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Super Parts for DX Chogokin VF-25F and VF-25S Renewal Version are Tamashii Web Exclusives

Source: Tamashii Web Product Page for Alto use Super Parts

Source:Tamashii Web Product Page for Ozma use Super Parts

Super Parts set for VF-25S (Ozma Lee use) Messiah Valkyrie.

Super Parts set for VF-25F (Alto Saotome use) Messiah Valkyrie

Like many Variable Fighters from Macross, the VF-25 can equip a variety of booster packs. The Super Parts for the VF-25 have custom colors to match their respective unit.

4,725Yen for each set.

Pre-orders open at Tamashii Web on November 11, 2011

Set will be released April 2012.

Fits only DX Chogokin Renewal Version VF-25 toys.

The Super Parts for the previous iterations of these toys were also web exclusives.

Armored Parts have been announced but no details available yet.

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Posted 11 November, 2011 - 21:26 by VF5SS