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Diamond's October Catalog Features Exclusive Treasures with Jeeg, Giant Gorg, and more!

Black Rock Shooter- From the anime series Black Rock Shooter comes a figma of Yuu Koutari's existence in the alternate world-Strength. Featuring powerful, yet flexible "Ogre Arms", the figure can form various poses with interchangeable fingers that turn into gun barrels. Yuu also comes with two different expressions and a stand to display this tiny but mighty girl in her power mode. SRP: $89.99

Dynamic Heroes: Koutetsu Jeeg Sofubi- Standing nearly 10 inches tall, and made from a softer plastic known as sofubi, Koutesu Jeeg is one of the many collectibles that will be coming to the states. SRP: $169.99



Giant Gorg: T-Rex Figure- From the 1982 Sunrise anime hit comes Giant Gorg, recreated in this full-action figure standing nearly 12 inches tall. The figure includes additional weapons and mini-figures, plus glowing red eyes to simulate it's "angry mode" and outstanding coloring and texturing, making this collectible a rare find. SRP: $549.99



Starship Troopers: Mobile Infantry T-Rex Figure- The illustrations of Kato Naoyuki comes to life with a die-cast figure with movable joints that provide a wide range of action. The figure is in full armor mode with moveable arm and back weaponry. The shield helmet can also be removed to show the character within. Get ready for battle with weapons and tactical poses with this collectible from Sentinel Co. Ltd. SRP: $169.99



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Posted 8 October, 2013 - 10:43 by VF5SS