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VALUE PACKED Holiday Gift Guides from Bandai America

Whether battling rogue robots or fighting off evil aliens, Bandai America has the action-packed gifts for boys that stretch the dollars of value conscious shoppers this holiday season. The dynamic lineup of Power Ranger and Ben 10 role-play, vehicle and play-set offerings will inspire kids to create their own out of this world adventures well into the new year.

Rev up your merry collection of morphers and get ready for Morphin’ time with the hottest multi-hued heroes and toys from the Power Rangers RPM series:

· Deluxe Formula Megazords - $24.99 - By combining the three deluxe RPM Zords included in each set, kids can create the turbo-charged Megazords as seen on the TV show. Collect and combine all four Spring and Fall Formula Megazords (sold separately) to create an exclusive RPM Ultrazord!

· Racing Performance Cycle & Figure - $12.99 – Play out all the RPM adventures with this Cycle and Figure! Transform cycle to cruising Chopper mode for the Ranger to stand on. Create battlized Power Rangers figures and vehicles by collecting and combining with the entire Auxiliary Trax System – Guardian Figures ($9.99) and Formula Transporters ($19.99) (sold separately).

‘Tis the season to give an out of this world gift with toys from Ben 10 Alien Force :

· Alien Creation Challenge $24.99 - Kids can test their alien design skills with the Alien Creation Challenge play set. Kids race against a timer as they piece together alien torsos and limbs to recreate figures based on alien combo cards. If time runs out, the tray pops up along with all the alien pieces. Keep the challenge going by adding additional figures to the play set and creating additional alien combo cards online. The play set includes three alien figures and 10 alien combo cards, as well as a special key to unlock figures.

· Alien Creation Chamber Figures $6.99 - This award nominated line lets fans mix and match their favorite aliens to create over a million unique alien creatures. There are over 20+ characters to collect!

· Ultimate Omnitrix $19.99 - Use the mini translucent figure to unlock alien sounds. The Omnitrix comes with an alien card and has lights.

· Alien Creation Transporter $14.99 - Lets kids create thousands of unique alien figures with a slide of the shell .

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Posted 29 October, 2009 - 10:14 by Shogundan