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Takara Co., Ltd. is a Japanese toy company founded in 1955. Takara merged with another prominent Japanese toy company, Tomy Co., Ltd., on March 1, 2006 with the new company making the unusual decision to adopt two different legal corporate names. In English the legal name of the company is simply TOMY Co. Ltd. while in Japanese the legal company name is the combined name, K.K. Takara-Tomy (株式会社タカラトミー ) TYO: 7867 .

Takara is perhaps best known as the company behind the transforming toys which became Transformers, after Hasbro proposed combining Takara's Diaclone and Micro Change toylines in 1984 to create the Transformers. Takara is also the originator of the hit toy lines Battle Beasts (BeastFormers in Japan), e-kara karaoke microphone, Battle B-Daman and Beyblade, all of which Hasbro also sold or distributed internationally. Takara continues to sell Microman, the basis for the hit toy line Micronauts, sold internationally by now defunct Mego beginning in the 70s and Choro-Q a mini pullback car, which has been running since 1978 and is marketed outside Japan as Penny Racer.

Both Takara and pre-merger Tomy have had strong relationships with Hasbro, which has distributed Takara's hit products such as Transformers, Beyblade, e-Kara and Battle B-Daman and Tomy's Zoids brands internationally. Although the merged company has stated that the Transformers business with Hasbro and the OEM business in general is not as profitable as direct distribution, the relationship with Hasbro on Transformers is low risk since Hasbro assumes the inventory risk internationally. This long-term relationship will certainly continue, as both Takara and Tomy have also long held the licenses to localize and distribute many Hasbro products in Japan, including The Game of Life, Blythe dolls, and Magic: The Gathering and Duel Masters trading card games by Takara and Monopoly, Furby, Super Soaker and Play-Doh by Tomy. Hasbro has also previously distributed Tomy's Pokemon toys in the US, though eventually started selling their own versions.(wikipedia)

This page will list both Takara toys and Hasbro toys that have been jointly produced by Takara.


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No.sort icon Toy name Year
Side Burn 2001
Optimus Prime 2005
Gatchaman 2003
Acrodita 2004
Giant Gorg 1984
Land Bison 1992
Super Mach Alert 2000
Jeeg 1998
Giant Gorg 1984
Doks Guardian 1984
Spectron 1994
Megatron (Earth Mode) 2008
Grimlock 2008
Jazz 2008
Soundwave 2008
Jazz 2008
Optimus Prime (Earth Mode) 2008
Dump Truck 1986
Great Might Gaine 1994
King Exkaiser 2001
Sludge 1985
King Kong 1977
Multi-Force 14 Robot 1984
Twin Combat 1982
Godzilla 1988
King Exkaiser 2005
Dragon Kaiser 2006
Great Exkaiser Combination 2006
Microman Rescue Team 1999
Space Traveler Timanic 2 and Time Machine 2 1978
Breakdown 2006
Tetsujin 28 2001
Ultraman 1999
Dougram 1981
Dougram & Soltic 1981
Dai Attacker 1981
Swoop 1985
Lio Convoy 1998
Jetfire 2014
JAFCON Convoy ( Optimus Prime ) 2000
R2-D2 1978
C-3PO 1978
Darth Vader 1978
Race Car 1986
Sumilidon 1999
Nin Ninja 1999
Arcadia 1979
00 Optimus Prime 2003
01 Convoy 2007
018 Demon Acroyer 1998
02 Soltic H8 1981
02 Brutishdog 2005
02 Megatron 2007
03 Crabgunner 1982
034 Kero-charger 1999
053 Robotman Dean 1999
07 Bushman 1981
09 Blockhead 1981
13 Mackerel 1981
14 Bigfoot 1982
6 Postman and Bicycle 2006
A-34 Salamalyon 2002
AG-V08 Scopedog Turbo Custom 2006
AT-05 Snapping Turtle (Ypsilon) 1984
AT-06 Votoms Diving Beetle 1984
AX-42 Acromuzan 2006
BM-01 Xeku with MachineMirror 2004
BM-02 Godoh with MachineStinger 2004
BT-22 Convoy 2008
C-001 Super Fire Convoy 2000
C-12 Driller Tank 1984
C-26 Grimlock 1985
C-28 Slag 1985
C-77 Rodimus Prime Reissue
D-305 Buster 1988
D-311 Black Zarak 1988
D-62-S Galvatron 2006
D-93 Scorponok 1987
DMZ-02 Strike Dog 2006
DX-04 Spy Heli 1999
G-01 GaoGaiGar 1997
M142 Spy Magician Hudson 1999
MA-37 Cyborg Superman
MA-SP01 Batman and Batgirl 2004
MC18 Luchetto Robot 1984
MGA-01 Phobos 2005
ML2-02 Ninjalady Shina 2004
MP-01 Convoy 2003
MP-01B Convoy: Black version 2009
MP-03 Starscream 2006
MP-05 Megatron 2007
MP-06 Skywarp 2007
Q/05 Rodimus Convoy 2001
TFC-21 Broadcast 2005
W-01 Jaguaon 2001
W-02 Sharkon 2001
W-03 Griffion 2001
W-04 Garyun 2001
W-05 Gradion 2001
W-06 Phoenikon 2001
W-07 Kerberion 2001
W-08 Ortorion 2001
YM-DX01 YatterWan 2008

CybCon 2008

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