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Megahouse (メガハウス) Corporation was founded as an independent Japanese toy company in 1962, focusing on electronic teaching toys. Today, Megahouse is a subsidiary of the BandaiNamco Group.


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Title Publish datesort icon
Megahouse Deformover Alteisen Nacht 10.11.10
Deformer WEISRITTER and ALTEISEN from Megahouse 10.11.10
Megahouse Ita-Chikoma! 10.11.10
Megahouse Variable Action Shadow Mospeada Ride Armor 10.11.10
Miyazawa model exhibition 08 Coverage 10.11.10
Variable Action NG Knight Lamune & 40 Queen Cideron 10.11.10
Megahouse Action Works Herman BLASSREITER 10.11.10
Adventure Hero Collection Cobra & Air Bike 10.11.10
1/48 Nightmare Frame Action Gloucester 10.11.10
Blassreiter ACTION WORKS BR-3 Joseph Blassreiter Berserker 10.11.10
Macross Frontier Klan Klang Excellent Model 10.11.10
Blassreiter figures and vehicles from Megahouse 10.11.10
CDX News Bulletin 05/29/2007 10.11.10
Action Works Special Police Winspector 10.11.10
Nightmare Frame Action Guren Nishiki from Code Geass 10.11.10
Dr. Slump Chogokin from MegaHouse 10.11.10
MegaHouse Mospeada Ride Armor VIDEO preview 10.11.10
Ghost in the shell Perfect Peice JGSDF Armsuit 10.11.10
Megahouse's Transforming Mospeadas Stick and Rei 10.11.10
Perfect Piece Floppy Caramel Man No.1 10.11.10
Perfect Piece Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. Armored Suits from Megahouse 10.11.10
Palm Action Orguss Olson Special 10.11.10
CDX toy news bulletin 9/6/2007 10.11.10
CDX toy news bulletin 8/07/2007 10.11.10
CDX Toy News Bulletin 6/8/2007 10.11.10
Cosmo Fleet Collection-EX Super Sentai Ranger Mechanics 10.26.11
Grand Mechanics Cosmo Fleet Collection 02 by Megahouse 02.10.12
Wizard Majidora by Megahouse 02.10.12
Variable Action Rahxephon teased by Megahouse 05.29.12
Galatt by Megahouse 08.08.12
NEW COLOR IMAGES - Cosmo Fleet Collection EX Series 2 Ranger Mechanics 11.26.12
Variable Action Granzort 12.13.12
UPDATED: NEW COLOR IMAGES Rahxephon by Megahouse 01.10.13
Variable Action Hi-SPEC - Janbu (from Choriki Robot Galatt) 03.07.13
Bakushishi Gasshin Ziguruhazeru by Megahouse 05.06.13
Variable Action Hi-Spec King Sccasher from NG Knight Lamune & 40. 06.04.13
Wonder Festival 2013 - Megahouse 07.28.13
Variable Action Koubu (Ogami version) from Sakura Wars 08.13.13
Variable Action Harbizan from Mado King Granzort 09.17.13
Yamato Guys Collection Captain Jyuzou Okita 10.17.13
Variable Action Galvion (Circus 1) Updated 11.07.13
Variable Action Sumire's Koubu from Sakura Taisen 11.11.13
Variable Action D-Spec Exbein from Super Robot Wars Original Generation 01.16.14
Variable Action Red Five from Majestic Prince Updated 02.05.14
Wonder Festival 2014 - Megahouse 02.09.14
Cosmo Fleet Special Domelus III from Yamato 2199 04.07.14
Variable Action Super Asurada 01 Rally Mode from Future GPX Cyber Formula 04.09.14
Variable Action E.S. Dinah from Xenosaga III Updated 04.10.14
Cosmo Fleet Special Nahel Argama from Gundam Unicorn 05.12.14
Excellent Model Dandy from Space Dandy 06.02.14
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